Virtual IT Solutions.

Don’t have the resources to fund an internal IT department? No problem. Outsource your IT department to Manifest Solutions and benefit from quality, dependable, timely outcomes—all without breaking the bank.


From PCs to conference phones to copiers, we’ll help you identify hardware needs, determine budget, and seamlessly integrate products.


From out-of-the-box to highly customized software, we help you identify, purchase, deploy and maintain the software you need to optimize your business.


From servers to design layout, our consultants will help you plan and build the infrastructure you need to support the ebb and flow of your business operations.

IT Solutions

From small website builds to security systems, our consultants can support the evolving needs of your business with preferred technology solutions.

Why Manifest Solutions?

Managing technology in-house is typically a luxury reserved for large or enterprise businesses. Small and medium businesses often don’t have the time or capital to invest in a new department to manage technology needs—yet, you still rely on technology to support your business.

That’s where we come in. We deliver cost-effective solutions to manage your IT needs. Our consultants fill in the gaps where you lack time and resources, freeing up your team’s time and energy to focus on the day-to-day tasks that move your business forward. And we do it all in a smart, sensible, effective manner to support the growth and operations of your business.

  • Fast, dependable, considerate response
  • Proactive planning to identify needs
  • Single point of contact experience
  • Predictable, consistent team of IT experts
  • “Real-world” experienced service techs
  • Focus on dependable, quality solutions
  • Agile capabilities to support your needs
  • Full-systems assessments

Want IT Support?

Need to invest in your technology, but not sure where to start? Call on Manifest Solutions for start-to-finish solutions when challenges arise. We’ll perform an IT assessment to discover opportunity.

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