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NextGen Agilists™ are proven leaders who have separated themselves from mainstream IT talent. Hand-selected by Manifest Solutions executives, they are mentored to become the new drivers of innovation, development and problem-solving in today’s world.

Go from boot camp to boots on the ground.

When you graduate from the Manifest Agility Boot Camp, you are enlisted as an IT consultant within the Manifest Solutions family.

As a consultant, you are immediately placed within “right-fit” opportunities, where you will be counted upon to deliver quality IT solutions and value-added experiences for Manifest Solutions clients. A part of the Manifest Solutions family, you’ll be mentored to success by a team of passionate technologists who help you identify and achieve your roadmap to success.

Consistently demonstrate reliability, results and passion in the real-world.

The best of the best are not only great at code and application, but at understanding what the business is trying to achieve and integrating smoothly into their culture.

You’ll meet with your team leader on a consistent basis to evaluate your technical proficiency, as well as to nurture the soft-skills that are a crucial variable to driving value-added experiences for our clients. These meetings are hands-on, outcome-driven, and designed to propel your career. Only those who consistently demonstrate irreplaceable value are invited to become NextGen Agilists™.

Only the best of the best become a NextGen Agilist™.

Not every consultant at Manifest becomes a NextGen Agilist™. Only the truly motivated, hungry, skilled professionals are invited to the next level.

We like to think of it as Top Gun for the IT world. The truly gifted practitioners and leaders are selected by Manifest Solutions executives to become NextGen Agilists™. As a member of this elite team, you are mentored closely to become a recognized name in the IT community and a differentiated candidate for a high powered, meaningful IT career.

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Of course you are — because you’re the type that isn’t happy with staying put. The catalyst moment for your career could very well be requesting access to our next Manifest Agility Boot Camp, where the beginning of what’s next starts.

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