Time to level up.

Want a career in technology but struggling to get your foot in the door? The Manifest Agility Boot Camp is designed to jumpstart your career, moving you from novice to professional in only 6 weeks.

How It Works

Apply your talent, get real-world experience, and join a passionate community of technology professionals.

Employers frequently overlook young talent in favor of experienced professionals. So, how do you get in the door if you’re fresh out of college or new to the tech industry? You need to level up.

The Manifest Agility Boot Camp is a 6-week immersive training experience taught by industry-recognized practitioners. We pay you, coach you, and challenge you—placing you in real-world simulated projects where you learn how to collaborate within a team environment to solve complex problems.

Think of it as an internship—except you get paid, gain real experience, and graduate into career opportunity.

What You’ll Learn

Don’t wait for experience—seize it.

Taught by practitioners, like 2014 CIO/CTO of the Year Christopher Judd, you’ll learn:

In-Demand Technology

Learn to craft software in an Agile environment within the Java and .NET ecosystems. From Responsive Design techniques to Test-Driven Development, we teach modern skills that are relevant and in-demand.

Real-World Experience

Move beyond textbooks and classroom projects into collaborative work—as you learn how to troubleshoot, identify solutions, write quality code, and deploy technology in simulated real-world environments.

Agile Practitioning

Learn how to communicate effectively, collaborate with a team, and deliver quality projects on-time to meet the mission-critical needs of the business.

Learn from practitioners—not from instructors.

You’ll be mentored by people who work within the industry, who’ve been there and done that, and know what it takes to build a successful career in IT.

Christopher Judd

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Judd is an international conference speaker, author, and professional technologist with over 20 years of industry experience.

Robert Cochran

NextGen Agilist

Mr. Cochran is an accomplished technology consultant and conference speaker. He is an open source contributor to a successful automated testing tool and was a member of the 1st Agility Boot Camp.

Steve Swing

Technology Consultant

Mr. Swing has over 25 years of professional IT experience. He has command of the full SDLC specializing in Agile Development methodologies.

Dave Lucas

Technology Consultant

Mr. Lucas is an expert software engineer with over 25 years of IT experience. He is a conference speaker and an open source evangelist.

John Pendexter

NextGen Agilist

Mr. Pendexter is a conference speaker and lead developer. He is a full-stack developer with a passion for quality software.

Jimmy Balmert

Technology Consultant

Mr. Balmert is a dedicated software craftsman with over 20 years of industry experience. He is a proven leader with a passion for mentoring the next generation of great technology professionals.

Graduate into opportunity.

At the end of the Boot Camp, graduates are ushered into positions as Manifest Solutions consultants, where they are unleashed to solve problems and create solutions for our clients throughout Central Ohio. But the real-world training doesn’t stop there—we’ll help develop their career as they continue to grow.

Manifest offers free after-hours training in the newest technologies for its consultants. Angular, Responsive Web Design and more are offered on-site from experienced consultants. Consultants are also given access to online training resources from SitePoint. In addition to training resources, Manifest provides insight and entry into the development community with tickets to some of the most popular developer conventions in Ohio including Stir Trek and CodeMash.

The best of the best among our consultants are invited to become Next Gen Agilists™, a prestigious and recognized position within the tech community.

What’s a Next Gen Agilist?

Ready to level up?

Only qualified candidates are eligible to attend the Manifest Agility Boot Camp. If you’re interested, please submit a brief resume and cover letter. A member of our team will contact you with next steps to determine your eligibility.

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