4 Reasons the Tech Talent Gap Persists – Bridging the Gap Series: Part II

As discussed in Part 1 of our Bridging the Gap series, there is a disconnect between what new computer-science professionals know and what organizations need.
But why is this the case?
In Part 2 of the series, we dig deeper into the causes of the persistent talent gap in tech.

Industry Growth

The main cause of the gap is that the industry doubles in size every five years—meaning 50% of the industry has less than five years of experience. In and of itself, that fact presents a unique challenge for tech relative to other slower-growing industries.

Education Evolution

Because tech is constantly evolving, the academic curriculum also must evolve to keep pace. Colleges and universities do a good job preparing students with a foundation, but organizations like Manifest play a critical role by supplementing the foundation with real-world training.

Experience Shortfall

Tech employers are often looking for candidates with three to five years of experience in the field, immediately disqualifying students who are coming right out of college.

COVID Impact

Even if they are directly involved in the tech workforce and have the requisite experience, employees may have trouble refreshing their skillsets; especially in a rapidly evolving landscape impacted by COVID-19.

Although the pandemic hit many other industries hard, the tech industry is seeing an even greater surge in demand for experienced talent. This means the talent gap is only expanding.

What We’re Doing

We are at the table with colleges and universities figuring out how to bridge the gap together.

Furthermore, we are addressing the talent gap at every stage of a person’s career. We don’t just target students or recent graduates for the Agility Boot Camp; sometimes it is professionals who are transitioning to this field later in life. Or maybe they started in IT, stepped away to raise children, and are now re-entering the workforce. There is an opportunity to fill the gap at every stage of life.

Finally, it is important to hammer home these skills and technologies. We believe it takes three times for someone to hear something, absorb it, and truly understand it. The first may be in college, with the second and third times coming at our boot camp. The goal is that, by the time employees get to the client site, they have the concept down pat.


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