We Are Individuals Making a Difference

Manifest Solutions curates and cultivates the very best IT talent to solve the complexities of today’s business needs.

Why Manifest Solutions?

We are passionate people making a difference.

We empower smart people to solve problems, build better solutions, and become real leaders.

People like Jeff.

Developers want to solve problems and build things. We help IT talent grow into their full potential, just like Jeff. After just two years with Manifest Solutions, Jeff’s portfolio includes:

  • CodeMash conference speaker
  • Built an integration for Cardinal Health
  • Technical team lead
  • Mentoring up and coming IT talent

Want a career in IT that prioritizes problem solving and hands-on building with like-minded people? Let’s get you there.

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We Are Building the Future

The Manifest Agility Boot Camp

Advance your career with our intensive six week program taught by industry-leading practitioners.

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See how we nurture top level talent into meaningful IT careers and thought leadership platforms.

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We are helping businesses solve real problems.

Our people deliver technology solutions that help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow.

A company with 500 employees needed to create a secure intranet and solve their expensive email storage problem. Only one problem: They didn’t have an IT department to handle the work. Manifest Solutions saved the day by:

  • Identifying what the business actually needed
  • Building a secure, easy-to-maintain intranet
  • Switching over to Gmail accounts
  • Reduced storage cost by 25%

We dig deep to understand the full picture of your IT needs, and create comprehensive solutions that are uniquely built for your particular business.

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Making a difference in the tech community.

We consistently speak at local and national events, host workshops and offer training seminars. Here’s where we’ll be next.

  • event October 3 -
  • room Quest Business Center - 8405 Pulsar Pl - Columbus, OH 43240

DogFoodCon 2019

Our CTO, Christopher Judd, will be speaking at DogFoodCon 2019! [AppDev] Migrating from Java 8 to Java 11 With the quick moving 6-month Java train releases, you like many Java developers and organiz...
  • event October 28 -
  • room Great Lakes Science Center - 601 Erieside Ave - Cleveland, OH 44114

Cleveland WITcon2019

Our CEO, Nancy Matijasich and out CTO, Chirstopher Judd will be speaking October 28th, 2019 at the 2nd annual Cleveland WITcon! Mon, October 28, 2019 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM EDT Great Lakes Science...