• event May 5
  • room Schottenstein Center, Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

Stir Trek 2017

Join us at our booth for Stir Trek 2017 on May 5th! Also, don’t miss out on presentations by Christine Iammarino and Dustin Williams!


Accessibility: Liberty and Benefit for All – presented by Christine Iammarino
Theater 7 – 1:00pm

High level presentation on the Importance of Accessibility in Web Development. Key points discussed will include: What is Accessibility; How is it used; When should it be used, When must it be used; Who uses it; How does it benefit me?; WCAG 2: Summary of the Principles and Guidelines Levels of Compliance; Legality and Section 508

Improving Test Team Throughput by Improving Test Architecture – presented by Dustin Williams
Theater 6 – 3:30pm

A lot of modern testing teams are built from people with some automation experience, developers, and people who think code is something used to open a safe. These diverse backgrounds bring a diverse set of ideas, but don’t always find optimal division of work. With some fairly small changes in automated test design, we can leverage the best skills of all team members to not only improve throughput, but to end up with a better overall product. These design principles help isolate truly challenging code problems and help separate the concerns of test structure and test execution. If your team has ever said (with sad faces) “We’re still automating that”, then come discover how tomorrow you can exclaim “That’s Done!”

About Stir Trek

Stir Trek is a one-day conference focused on teaching software developers, and others in the industry, the latest and greatest in technologies, techniques, and tools. The full day of content is always concluded with a screening of a blockbuster film on its opening day. This year’s Stir Trek theme is Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

To read more about the event, visit Stir Trek.